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Attention Moms!
10 Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress, Stay Calm, Focus and Peace.

This space was created to contribute to the wellness of familyhood.

Individuals are an integral part of society and as so, it is imminent to create health and well-being from the inside out, to be able to support our-self and others;our families, our friends, and the most important, our children.

With the idea of serving from the heart, I deliver special classes of Yoga Therapy Holistic, where there is an integration of Eastern healing modalities and Western medicine and treat people as a whole; body, mind and soul. The Yoga Therapist has the mission to support and encourage the person to live a healthy and balanced life.

I hope we can grow in the future to housing more and more people under the light of Yoga Therapy Holistic Healing Modality.

Evelyns Gaiti.

Yoga Therapy

Bring balance through correctives a therapeutics exercises applying not invasive techniques that assist the body in its natural healing process.

Yoga For Kids

Build inner strength, relaxation techniques, self-control, self-regulation. Help with management of Stress, Anxiety, Depression,Sensory Integration, ADD.

About Arka Yoga

At Arka Yoga Holistic we thrive in guiding the entire family to develop their inner potential, as a result we will have happy and healthy kids, teens and parents.


Our Students Love Us

Quiero darte las gracias por tus clases de yoga.Mi nina ha aprendido a respirar y otras tecnicas que le han ayudado mucho para su ansiedad.
En cada clase se aprende algo mas y cada dia espero que el yoga haga parte mas y mas de nuestra familia.
Un abrazo.

N. Manjarre

The learning experience during this program was very positive, my children met their expectations from the program, we learn to breathe and coping skills.
What I liked most about the program were the breathing activities. The program was perfect and we really enjoy it. Evelyns was very effective. These classes really help my children find things that they can use to cope with everyday stress.

Y. Gomez

We were so lucky to have Teacher Evelyns as our Yoga teacher this past December! All of the children went home showing their poses to their parents and practicing them in the classroom. We were working with Evelyns to develop a Parents & kids Yoga class, it was Amazing! We are happy to have her as an important member of our staff.

Mauricio Pineiro

Evelyns is a warm and energetic therapist who has gone beyond her duty to bring out the best in my son. Adrian started sessions with Evelyns at the age of two, and has looked forward to their time together. She is flexible and resourceful in her approach to teaching. She has been his mentor the past four years, inspiring him to focus and be receptive to new lessons. Adrian is a happy and expressive child and I credit Evelyns for aiding in his spirited development.

Xiomara M.

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