Therapeutic Yoga Stressless Program

Online Via Zoom starting July 3, 2021

Summer camp Stressless Kids Yoga & Breath Series!

The school is over, a lot of free time is coming. Summer season, the perfect time to learn and develop new skills. The young children face stress in their every day routine, the quarantine situation because COVID-19, on the top of that, they are listening the adults concerns, the alarming news, they face fear about a loved relative would die, social isolation, the confinement, and if you go outside, it could be that someone makes you sick. if this causes anguish in us imagine how your child feels…

Arka Yoga & Art is offering a Stressless Therapeutic Yoga program which is designed to help reduce children’s stress, anxiety, and worries also the program improves self-regulation management, attention, focus, and self-esteem in children. Arka Yoga Therapeutic Program is giving to your child a constructive tool to use daily under any circumstance.

Kids will learn:

breathing and relaxation techniques.

to understand and control their emotions and learn to navigate through them in a positive manner, rather than suppressing them.

visualizing and positive affirmation techniques.

techniques to improve their attention span and listening skills.

to cultivate positive attitudes like compassion, tolerance, group effort, good behavior etc.

This program is based on increasing self-awareness through introspection, sensory integration exercises, mindfulness approach, games and fun; where the child connects better with himself and the world that surrounds him.

I have employed my 30 years of knowledge and experience working as a developmental therapist and special educator in the development of this program. I have also utilized my training in sensory impairment integration and behavior analysis, as well as my experience as a yoga teacher with specialization in children, with the goal of helping kids integrate themselves better into their daily challenges, whether its at school or in other settings.

Program Details:

The program will assist the child to internalize and develop the vision of self-knowledge and self-regulation, applying mindfulness approach and sensory integration, turning it into a positive habit of his/her behavior and growth as an individual.

The self-regulation will turn the child’s attention and focus into effectiveness.

The self-knowledge will provide the tools to manage stress, anxiety, fears, worries, self-confidence, and socialization.

Ages 6 years old and up


July 03, 10, 24, 31, 2021

Time: 10:00 am

Address: Via Zoom. Link to access the class will be sent 30 minutes before each session.

Material for both levels:

  • A journal or notebook that will work as a Journal.
  • A pencil, a rule, construction paper, white paper to draw, markers, glue, scissors, cotton balls, tissue paper, painter’s tape of any color tape.
  • A small empty bottle and a bottle of glitter glue of any color.
  • Please make a box and have the materials at hand.
  • Yoga mat, yoga blocks

What to Wear:
Comfortable clothes.

Prices Per Household

4 Classes: $100

Drop in: $30


Classes Via Zoom. Link to access the class will be sent 30 minutes before each session.
Classes are not transferable.
If you miss a class don’t worry! Class will be available for one week at the Arka Yoga & Art for Kids website.


The learning experience during this program was very positive, my children met their expectations from the program, we learn to breathe and coping skills.
What I liked most about the program were the breathing activities. The program was perfect and we really enjoy it. Evelyns was very effective. These classes really help my children find things that they can use to cope with everyday stress.
Y. Gomez

Otober 28, 2019

This program was very helpful for my kid in connecting with his feelings
also gave him a bit more confidence in some yoga poses.
There was a variety of helpful explanations and connective yoga games to give him an association with emotions/feelings. What I liked the most in this program were activities and worksheets that were sent home to continue working among sessions. The program doesn’t lack anything and Evelyns was an effective guide.
L. Muffarrij

November 19, 2019

Quiero darte las gracias por tus clases de yoga.Mi nina ha aprendido a respirar y otras tecnicas que le han ayudado mucho para su ansiedad.

En cada clase se aprende algo mas y cada dia espero que el yoga haga parte mas y mas de nuestra familia.

Un abrazo.

Isabella Edwards Compbell

December 23, 2019