About Us

Evelyns Gaiti, E-RYT 200, RYT 500,C-IAYT, is a certified Clinical Yoga Therapist with over 1200 hours of specialized training utilizing the therapeutic benefits of yoga in working with a multitude of pediatric conditions as well adult conditions such as mental health (stress/anxiety), chronic pain (fibromyalgia), neurological (Parkinson) and skeletal-muscle conditions. Evelyns is a special needs educator who has been coaching parents, children, and teenagers for more than 30 years. She was inspired to pursue yoga teacher training when she began offering breathing and postures to parents, caregivers and kids while working as a Developmental Therapist and saw how much they benefited. Her love for the population with special needs (or Spectacular kids as she calls them) motivates Evelyns to find the best tools that can benefit and improve kids’ life and their families.

In addition to her 1200-hour Yoga Therapy certification at AUM Home Shala, Evelyns studied Restorative Yoga with Cindy Lee, Yoga Therapy for Children with Loraine Rushton, Children’s Yoga Teacher Training at Karma Kid Yoga, and Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum with Vanessa Khalon, and received a 95-Hour Yoga Alliance Children’s Yoga Teacher Specialist certification at AUM.

Evelyns is also trained in Mental health, Sensory Impairment, Applied Behavior Analysis, is a Co-heart at the Sacred Center for Chakra Therapy, trained in Meditation and Mindfulness, and certified in Sound Bowl Healing and Reiki Master Natural Healing Method, she is advocated for the wellness of families (parents and children), assists them to meet their needs on all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual with the willing of service with compassion, she encouraged people to live healthier, and happier, lives.

Our classes incorporate therapeutic techniques and props which guide and integrate all the kids and parents through our yoga session. Yoga will guide the entire family to develop their inner potential, as a result we will have happy and healthy kids, teens and parents.

The science behind yoga for kids

Physiologically, the brain is divided into two parts — the right and the left hemispheres. The right side of the brain is used in emotional perception, creativity and intuition. The left side of the brain is used for cognitive and the analytical processes.
Research has shown that when gifted kids solve problems in their perspective areas of skill, an increase in electrical activity happens on both of their hemispheres. For the brain to work efficiently both hemispheres of the brain must work together. Furthermore, by stimulating and implementing the right hemisphere of the brain, the arts reinforce the connection between both hemispheres. Children should be exposed to arts as their cognitive ability matures so that the right hemisphere of the brain will be as developed as the left, and both hemispheres can work in tandem, thus achieving the full potential of the mind.

The benefits of yoga are very strong for our children, research shows:
• Helps balance the mind and body
• Instills confidence with new challenges and experiences
• Teaches to love your inner self by building self- esteem, self-discipline, self-awareness
• Language skills are improved through breathing, awareness, focus, attention, coordination
• Builds inner strength, relaxation techniques, self-control, self-regulation
• Helps with management of Stress, Anxiety, Depression,Sensory Integration, ADD
• Promotes respect, compassion and sharing
• Builds the foundation for a healthy and happy life

Children naturally love art – painting, drawing, making music, and theater. At Arka Yoga for Kids we appreciate the importance of art in building a child’s brain. During the Art session, parents will join their children with painting, crafting and drawing.